New Technologies and the Quality of Life

New Technologies and the Quality of Life


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Hello, everyone! Now I’m going to talk about the thing that is closely connected to my generation. My day-to-day life goes hand in hand with new technologies since I was born in the era of innovations, the era of digitization. Needless to say, that though the majority of the modern teenagers take all that stuff for granted, I, for one, find all these advancements extremely captivating and crucial in terms of quality of life. Nevertheless, is it actually that beneficial? Is it the gem of our modern world or the curse that eventually may lead to some dreadful repercussions? Well, on the one hand, no one is able to deny that technology has changed the way people live their everyday lives. To begin with, various means available for everyone to communicate have emerged. Exchanging information used to take days, weeks, or even months. Thanks to technology progress, such a thing is not a problem anymore. Moreover, the healthcare industry strived to the top, to the peak and fortunately, gone are the days of long lines in the outpatient wards and hours of waiting as long as you can schedule a hospital visit using your mobile phone. Furthermore, technology in a broad sense has brought an unprecedented way of curing and fighting a great number of deadly diseases that had wiped off the terrifying number of human lives. Technologies literally help us live longer, much longer and much safer.Over and above that, it seems also essential to emphasize that searching for specific information is not about loads of hours you should spend sitting in a library. Just grab your phone and go surf the net! Last but not least, I’m positive that technology enhancements have provided us with an enormous number of opportunities for learning. Undoubtedly, everybody has heard of so-called self-made role models who do not have a diploma. Indeed, there are many examples of people that managed to succeed on the basis of their own solely education. The worldwide web consists of everything we may need today. Eagerness and appetite for flourishing, the appetite for prosperity… these are the links of one chain.However, I’ve suffered some unpleasant consequences using all these technological benefits and profits. Unsurprisingly, the pace of life has already increased enough to make us more anxious. Social media, everlasting stream of information, images, chats, and absolutely random things make a significant contribution to the harmful stage of our mental health. Hence, so-called “social media detox” is the only thing you may take up to endure all that stuff after all.Having taken everything into consideration, I reckon that technology has the two sides of the coin. Era of digitization and technology advancements have improved our lives whereas sometimes it may have rather devastating effects on us. All in all, as a medical student, I’d be glad to finish my speech with a well-known Paracelsus quote: “All things are poisons. It is simply the dose that distinguishes between a poison and a remedy.” That’s why, make using technologies a remedy, a wonderful remedy that imbues and completes your life.