To begin with, we have to admit that a plenty of candidates have been scrutinized and thoroughly examined according to all possible high standards and requirements for such an essential role in our corporation. Eventually, we were provided with two highly regarded professionals that have presented their spectacular qualities and skills. Undoubtedly, each has demonstrated abundance of background experience, daintiest strengths and fabulous soft skills that can never be overrated. Therefore, we needed to take a helicopter view to choose the most suitable employer to make our company flourish and prosper. We reckon that the position of interpreter is an inseparable part of any international business. What’s more, it covers working friendly climate as well. Consequently, we strive to hire a top brass specialist that is not only able to be conscientious, settle his obligations properly and fulfill the aim against the clock on the one hand, but also quite respectful, well-balanced, and effusive person on the other hand. On behalf of the heads of our company, I am positive enough to state that soft skills themselves make a difference, a tremendous difference. The last step of our campaign was an interview concerning anything but working side of an issue. Summing it up, professional traits being approximately equal, a human component itself became the one that made us pick the candidate that perfectly fits the position of an interpreter in the corporation. It seems crucial to emphasize, our company does not accept any manifestation of being pushy, obstinate, disdainful, haughty, or aloof. Having taken everything into consideration, we are ready to provide you with our results. Mr. Anton Boyko and Mr. Sergey Ivanoff gave us an utterly excellent impression of their selves what eventually led to the toughest choice we have ever faced. Each being discernibly resourceful and palpably perceptive, our choice, nevertheless, fell on Mr. Sergey Ivanoff. However, it doesn’t mean that we somehow happen to diminish the professional background and skills of Mr Boyko. Readily, an old truth asserts “Beauty is in the eye of gazer”, and this case is by no means an exception.