About Journaly

Journaly is a foreign language journaling platform that helps you improve your language skills through writing. It's about so much more than that, though!

One of the best ways to improve your skills is to get feedback, so we make it as pleasant and simple as possible to give and receive valuable feedback from native speakers of the language you're learning.

You should feel good about sharing your writing with fellow learners. We provide you with a seamless and delightful writing experience, enabling you to create visually pleasing posts that you are proud of.

Journaling (and writing in general) is not an easy habit to build, so we also provide you with the tools and support you need to create healthful habits and build a great journaling practice that you can sustain.

Finally, the most important part of Journaly is the community. We want to help people not only find language matches (people learning your native language who speak the language you're learning), but we also want to help you connect with people who share your interests. Our robust filters allow you to search for posts by language and topic. This will make it more enjoyable for you to read and provide feedback on their writing, but could also lead to wonderful language exchange partners and, hopefully, friends :)